3 Ways to Become Confident B.A.E.

I used to think that entrepreneurs who were confident had some kind of magical armor. The mesmerizing effect their aura has on others is similar to Aladdin’s wish or Dorothy’s shoes from The Wizard of Oz. Bravery seemed to always tag along with these types of people. I constantly would wonder how I could get that type of attention for myself. I was used to being the awkward one in most groups, but I yearned (at one point) to be brave enough to own the room when I walked in. As the weird, curly, and coiled-haired girl that told awful jokes with a disturbing sense of clumsiness, I failed numerous times at being in the spotlight.

You could very well say that I was not the most popular in high school. It wasn’t until college that I began to understand and love myself for who I was in order to grow outside my introverted shell. Confidence graced me in some areas, then in situations and certain circumstances it was barely visible. After graduating and then becoming the woman I am today, I can honestly say that on a scale of 1 to 10, my confidence is maybe at an 8. I still have work to do, but I can now say that I’m pretty good at standing in bright lights on big stages. As of today, I have been the public speaker, webinar hostess, and leader for many events, people, and online communities. It took a long time to get with it, but thankfully I now have the ability to do it without breaking a sweat!

As I thought about the word confidence and what it means, I thought about how I could share some of my tips with my BAEs (businesses and entrepreneurs) here at H.D. that would help them walk and stand taller in whatever they do. There’s confidence inside of everyone just waiting to emerge. Here are a few tips on confidence for dope, nerdy, and ambitious bosses like you!

  • Leave negative thinking to negative thinkers. Stop sabotaging yourself! When you start to let those feelings of uncertainty creep in, you are inviting negativity into your mind, body, and spirit. This will most definitely hold you back on your path to leadership and stop you from getting the results that you desire in your life. Believe and feel confident about whatever you do. Better said than done, but with more repetition you’ll get better at it. What you feed yourself spiritually, emotionally, verbally, physically, and mentally, is what you get back from the world.

  • Always consider yourself to be VIP. Remember when I said that the people who I admired that had confidence also had some kind of magical armor? This is why. When you go to a club and see a group of people at a VIP table, you automatically assume that they are demanding the best of the best and nothing less. Well, remove the red tape, loud music, and champagne bottles, and you too can have your own VIP section wherever you are. Feel confident about what you bring to your job or industry that makes you in demand. VIP shouldn’t just be an acronym, but who you are when you speak to others about the things you want to achieve or do in your industry. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but that’s what makes your approach and who you are valuable to whoever is willing to see or listen. Confidence 101: Believe in your own slay!

  • If there’s a rock standing in your way, move around it. Not everyone will like you. It was a hard reality check for me when I finally came to embrace it, but it’s true. For the life of me, I could never understand what I did, how I could make myself better, or why I would not attract the attention of everyone I came in contact with when I became an entrepreneur. I just knew my products were genius and that anyone who’s anybody would gravitate towards what I do, without a doubt. Boy was I wrong. I had to accept that not everything is for everybody. Sort of like how everyone isn’t ready to be an entrepreneur. The risk may be too much for them financially, they may not have the time, or they’re just not interested. Either way, you have to accept it and move on from it. Besides, there are 7 no’s for one yes.

Something I left out is that you should always be prepared for things to change. As a pursuer of confidence, it’s important that you play the work game and play it right. Use your 5P’s:






You can’t just hope for people to respect you in your industry or job if you haven’t properly prepared yourself for the position. And you most definitely want to be ready for any and all mishaps along the way because rarely does everything go as expected. To not have a solid foundation of which your knowledge, business ethics, and morals rely on, you are cheating your brand. Confidence is carried with an understanding of your product/service and a love for what you do and provide. Try doing these things to boost your confidence, and tell me how they worked for you below in the comments.


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