7 Hacks to Help You #SlayYourWage

You get what you work hard for. As a millennial that's very used to finding the shortcut around everything, this was one I found hard to swallow when I first began as an entrepreneur. Starting your own business is better said than done. Even though I was always ambitious and goal-digging my way through life, I wasn't ready when I jumped into entrepreneurship and realized that the weight was all on me. It was overwhelming, just like most jobs. I had to keep up with my own growth, expand my own reach, develop my own products, and protect my own brand. It was extremely stressful, but I soon figured it all out. But even when I did, it felt like I was making pennies for all the time and content I spent developing these things. I lacked the ability to push my products and services correctly, mostly because I spent more time trying to find the easy way out. For the record; there is no easy way out.

Everyone starts somewhere. Maybe you're starting from your 9 to 5, in your mom's basement, with assistance, or on WiFi. Doesn't really make a difference. The important thing is that you start and continue to keep going and rising. But it takes a bit of effort and some changes to see it through. That's why I have 7 hacks to help you slay your wage efficiently! You may know a few, but if not, it's never too late to teach a pony a new trick!

1. Stop procrastinating.

Whew! This was a tough one for me. I never knew how much I did it until I was swarmed by deadlines, due dates, and bills. (Not a good feeling by the way.) Once I realized, what the heck was going on, I started creating a workflow that fit my business and lifestyle. This made it so much easier for me to know exactly what to do and stay on schedule. If you're as hard-headed as I was, you may want to think about getting a project/productivity management system. Not just for your business, but for your LIFE! I personally use Asana to help me keep my head screwed on tight. That way I never forget when things are due and I stay on schedule with clients, press, and the kiddos!

2. Enjoy what you do.

There's no greater feeling than loving the career you're in. Before I built my digital empire, I was a Medical Biller & Coder and I HATED IT! My personality was way too awkward and silly for me to be taken seriously. I was also working hella' long hours and missing out on time with my children. It sucked. The money was good, but money can't buy you freedom. I felt like my job put me in a box. If you're an Aquarius reading this, you know that we do not take well to being incapable of spreading our wings. Overall, now that I am able to pursue a career I am passionate about, I can look back and see how unhealthy and stressful it was for me to enjoy life because I didn't like what I was doing. Save yourself some time and sanity. If you're not happy doing what you love, change lanes fast!

3. Remove negative entities and energies.

This is big, so let's save the long paragraph for this one. Everyone isn't on your team. Not everyone wants to see you win or achieve things in life. Cut the head off the snake now. There is no better time, reason, or cause to remove things or people from your life that do not motivate, believe, or have faith in what you do or the goals you want to accomplish. If you're worried about hurting feelings, then don't. The universe has a way of extracting these energies and entities naturally once YOU decide you're ready to remove them. The choice is yours B.A.E.

4. Believe in your passion.

There's nobody else in this world that's going to believe, fully understand, and drive your passion better than you. A few weeks ago I made a post on Facebook and got a few entrepreneurs to respond, but then there was crickets. I asked the question that most of entrepreneurs ask when we first take the leap into entrepreneurship. I asked why is it that us entrepreneurs can't get the support and upliftment from our family and close friends that we get from people that barely know us? I knew the answer, but wanted to see who would be brave enough to agree or answer. The answer is this...Knowing that you are the only person driving the machine of passion you have for your brand should be more than enough to keep you steering. Your family and close friends are usually the last people to support you. It's a super sad reality, but it's true. Push for what you believe in, encourage yourself daily, and start creating yourself a tribe of people who believe in it too. Your brand or big idea may be as small as a mustard seed right now, but it can't grow unless you believe in it.

5. Compete with no one.

I've seen some pretty cray-cray stuff like entrepreneurs mimicking one another's work, influencers trying to be better than other influencers, and internet gurus with Twitter happy fingers "for their haters", and it all gets pretty annoying after a while. Why not compete with YOU? That's right compete with yourself! Make your own ideas better, refine your own voice and messaging, become the lead of your own empire. There are so many people doing a ton of different things that seem trendy, catchy, or productive towards their brand. It's so easy to feel like they are the person or brand to beat. But why beat em' when you can join em'? You'd be surprised at how eager they probably would be to work with you. Kill the competition to become the competition. I've been part of some super badass tribes online and I can tell you that it feels AMAZING when everyone is sharing information, building each other's networks up, and getting along in the process. Reach out to your "competition" and see what's up. Be sure to leave a comment on this article if you need help along the way!

6. Don't make the same mistakes.

Easier said than done when as humans we make the same mistakes often. We say we want to eat healthy and then we're at the buffet. To counter these mistakes I suggest tracking them. If you didn't get as many signups on your opt-in, then change your language or audience; if your website traffic declined, maybe your marketing approach just wasn't refined enough. Whatever the case, you can't avoid making a mistake, but you can avoid making them more than once. Track them, figure out a way to avoid it, and try again. Giving up is for losers.

7. Think and speak abundance.

This one takes training. Thinking and speaking the life you want into existence is the start to achieving anything. Every celebrity, entrepreneur, or small business I've worked with that has been successful achieved success because they had been claiming it the entire time. Claim what's yours way before you get it. The law of attraction is a powerful philosophy, but it's also no good unless you put it to use. Talk and say what you mean to get the outcome you want to manifest!

So now it's time to #SlayYourWage. Are you ready? These hacks are proven to work, but I'd like to know how it they which ones worked for you so feel free to comment below and spill the deets! Remember, don't try to shortcut yourself because honey, this is the shortcut! Manifest, work, and slay your way to the wage you deserve!

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