A Melanated Crown is Never Alone

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Today, just like any other, you will adjust your crown. Though becoming flustered and disappointed are emotions you could choose to grasp to first, be comforted by the fact that you are not alone. There are many Queens from different backgrounds and upbringings that are enduring some rocky terrains too. They will also reach a part in their journey today when they must adjust their crown as well. Take a minute to find appreciation for the bumps in the road; as the higher power didn’t stop at making us flawless by golden texture, he also gave us lessons we must learn in order to rise in royal form.

As African descendants, you have most likely experienced a situation where your melanin was just too bright. Well today, your melanin is just enough! Warm up to another sister and make every handshake, hug, and conversation impactful and open-hearted. Encourage your sister and pray for each other’s journey to be well and fruitful because beyond today, its ups and downs; a heart full of unconditional love, compassion, strength, and gratefulness will get you farther than any amount of money, fame, or material asset. Build something amazing together with your sisters that redefines what people say or think about women of the Diaspora. Today and every day, you represent every single shade of melanin. Even in a sea of every flavor of chocolate, you are not alone.

Every Queen carries a special light that radiates beyond this universe, but today is the day you give it your all. Today will be better than yesterday because today you have a new ode and today your ancestors, sisters, and Queens of the Diaspora are united in spirit, mind, and body to guide you towards your abundant purpose. No sister. You are not alone. You are blessed beyond measure! When you feel the need to adjust your crown it is not because it does not fit. It is because you forgot about what you were born to have. Your claim to life and all of the wonders of this world was given to you by birthright. Your crown was already designed, adjusted, and fitted for you before you even knew it existed!

Regardless of the outcome, experience and take something from today that will help you ascend and become a stronger and more phenomenal woman of culture and color. You’ve got to believe, see, and do what is right for you, but never forget to embrace the journey, the destination, each person, each impression, and each heart that you’ve come in contact with along the way. For it is not the crown that makes us Queens, nor the sisterhood. It is the fact that we are all brewed in melanin, lemonade, and success that makes our black girl experiences relative to our royal inheritance.

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