A Day at The Spa Featuring Like Me, Natural Skincare

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Like Me Naturals Skincare turned 1 this week! In light of my love for supporting other black women in business, I felt moved to share my experience using their products by sharing how they've been working out for me nowadays.

Are you ready for a day at the spa with me? Let's go!

Before I get into the products, let me share with you what my skin has been going through when it comes to dealing with a chronic illness such as endometriosis.

When you have endometriosis it's like your body is on a painful hormonal rollercoaster ride. You get all the dreadful PMS symptoms like bloating, cramps, and cravings, but most of all you get breakouts. Sometimes I'll look in the mirror and feel like I'm 15 again and going through puberty. It doesn't make matters better taking birth control to manage the overactive hormones and taking prescription meds to manage the pain. All of that is a cocktail for a skin and hair disaster just waiting to happen.

Two weeks ago, I had an abdominal surgery that is supposed to help alleviate some of my symptoms of endometriosis. With anesthesia being one of the largest of chemicals I knew would be entering my body, I was concerned about what that on top of the meds I'd receive in the hospital would do to my skin.

So when I packed my bags, I made sure I had my Like Me Natural Skincare products with me. They pack the power to not only moisturize, but give my skin a natural detox from the harmful chemicals that would enter my body. Taking them with me and using them was a definite YES!

The day after my surgery, I woke up and began my regimen. Starting first with the Milk & Honey Face Soap.

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