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Updated: May 8, 2020

When's the last time you popped open a crayon box and 'went to town' on a coloring book, a poster, or a notebook just because?

With two children, coloring is a popular hobby in my house, but when I think about my why, it was never for me. I reserved Crayola parties exclusively for the kids.

About 3 weeks ago, I received this adorable box of crayons along with some useful sidekick items from Charlottes' Creative Corner. Before I even opened it, I fell in love with the packaging. The fact that the owner, Charlotte Nelson, made sure to write my name on the box, made the entire vibe personal. It wasn't until I opened the box that I discovered the vibe is fluid throughout the entire brand. With hue names like Forever [Black], Life [Green], Sun Storm [Orange], Open Air [Blue], and another 13 more, I immediately fell in love with the brands' originality. But truthfully, it is the company's mission that moves me the most.

Charlottes' Creative Corner is a school supply and crayon company dedicated to keeping art alive and interesting to the youth of Baltimore City. Through the sales of brightly colored pencils, uniquely shaped crayons and sharpeners and glue sticks wrapped in original Creative Corner artwork, Charlotte, the founder hopes to fund what she calls an Open Art Initiative.

I believe that art is a necessary source of authenticity and to stay connected to our history. It is more than just words, colors, and museums, it is how life tells us a story and brings even the toughest people from different backgrounds together. I immediately understood Charlottes' why. So much so, that I felt obliged to be supportive in pushing her mission forward. So after admiring all my hues, I finally 'jumped off the porch' and put them to use.

And so this happened:

After spending much time with my new 18 hues of #slay, a review of how special they are, was ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!


I don't think I've used a more innovative set of crayons until I used Charlottes' Creative Corner's Hue Sticks. In each box, 18 uniquely designed crayons laid before me. I admire the depth of the colors and the fact that they don't smear on your hands like most crayons do. But I most admired the shape of the crayons. This had me sold from the very start.

In grade school, my teachers would always complain to my mom about the way I held my crayons and pencils. My finger placement has always been wrong, but it never held me back so I never minded what the teachers said. I'd have discomfort sometimes, but it was only because of the way the crayon/pencil was shaped. I took it as just another thing that made me different and never thought about it until as I was coloring the coloring page Charlotte sent over and realized how comfortable my hands were. I always knew my hands weren't the problem. It was the shape of the regular Crayola type crayons that were.

Whew! I wish there was a Charlottes' Creative in the 90's!

Almost 93 minutes of coloring and no discomfort. That's a record!

Purchase Your Hue Sticks HERE!


What I love about Charlottes' Creative Corner is that each product is unique in its own way. Stikky Sticks are no exception. Stikky Sticks are designer glue sticks that feature artwork from Charlotte herself. The ones I received featured the adored Charlottes' Creative Corner 'BushBaby' and beside it a glue stick of pretty manicured hands signing different letters. I think knowing that you have something that no one else has prompts a different level of appreciation.

I used the Stikky Sticks in my drawing to glue down the rhinestones I used on my own version of 'BushBaby'. Glue sticks aren't known to be heavy duty, so I expected the stones to slip off in a day or two. I was wrong. The glue has lasted an entire week and still counting! That's a hell of a lot better than Elmer's. [No shade. Just truth.]

Get Your Stikky Sticks HERE!

#2 PENCILS - $0.50

What a deal! 50 cent goes a long way at Charlottes' Creative Corner! For just 2 quarters, you can secure 12 Multi-Color Monagrammed Pencils! As a writer, pencils are a complete necessity. So imagine how far my mouth dropped open when I saw I could get an entire set of 12 FOR JUST 50 CENT!

These monogrammed pencils may look average, but they pack power in their price. I don't think I've seen pencils this affordable since I was young.

Grab 12 Pencils for $0.50 HERE!


I've been meaning to buy myself a new pencil sharpener, but I was NOT ready for the cuteness of this Pencil Pachyderm. First of all, the color is in sync with the color I use in my branding here on HelloDopeness.com. Not only that, I love elephants!

This cutie-pie's trunk slides over to the right and reveals an opening for you to stick your pencil in and sharpen. The back is transparent so you can watch the magic happen as you sharpen. Dope! And only $2!!!

Do you like elephants too? They come in many colors HERE!

In conclusion, I've become the biggest fan of this company. Not just because they asked me to review it, but because of the detail in their branding and the quality of their products. Before you buy a trunk load of supplies that costs 4x more than what they're actually valued, save those coins and go shop Charlottes' Creative Corner!

Visit their website www.charlottescreativellc.bigcartel.com for all of your creative needs!

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