Are You Underrated?

Lots of entrepreneurs are wondering, “Why isn’t anyone buying my products?” “Why am I always left feeling let down by my supporters and friends?” And more importantly, “Why doesn’t anyone seem interested in my business?” Have you ever thought that maybe you’re underrated? People around you don’t support your craft. You share things on social media daily (rather hourly), and no one likes, shares, retweets, or even follows your campaigns. It’s becoming so much harder for you to see success because all of your greatest ideas have been an epic fail. And all you want is to find out why so that you can fix it.

If you have had these feelings, you’re probably underrated. Being underrated isn’t really a bad thing, but it’s not good either. Though your ideas, campaigns, and products are AMAZE-BALLS (to say the least), no one ever appreciates it. You put in all of that effort, just for no one to REALLY see it. If you are feeling a little underestimated, maybe this will help you find out why.

1. You’re Overselling Yourself!

  • Posting on Social Media every second about your brand.

  • Everything you say sounds like a sales pitch.

  • Feeling as if you constantly have to prove your worth whenever you have a conversation.

SLOW DOWN! You’re happy about your brand. We get that! But if you really want to grow your business, give others the chance to miss you. It’s not that people don’t want to support what you’re doing, but you’re kind of pushy. Give them breathing room so that they can gain interest by missing your presence.

2. You’re Yearning For Engagement!

  • When networking, you feel as though you’re bothering your associates rather than being welcomed.

  • Everyone seems to always have an excuse as to why they are missing your emails, updates, calls, and messages about your business.

  • You get upset when you share information about your business and no one has anything to ask or say.

Engagement is everything when it comes to business. Without people talking about your brand, you’re somewhat irrelevant. So how do you fix it? I would suggest changing your target market and also changing the energy in your circle. It is important that as an entrepreneur, you keep positive vibes around you. You want people to inspire and uplift you when you have doubts or concerns. You also want to surround yourself with people who will tell you when you’re falling. That goes for business partners, associates, friends, and even potential clients. When you have people around you that find value in both you and your brand, you’ll always have returning clients, interested associates, and tons of happy supporters.

3. You’re Extremely Disappointed All The Time!

  • Believing too much in what others have to say and not enough of believing in you.

  • Your expectations are out of line with reality.

  • You feel as though you have little to no influence in your niche.

Don’t break your back for an uninterested audience. But most of all stop being so naive! Accept that you have to redirect your thinking and shift your expectations. I’ve noticed that people filled with constant disappointment are those who don’t see the pattern. I could say that disappointments are all part of winning and losing on this rocky road to entrepreneurship, but to be disappointed too often is a deeper issue.

Find out if your feelings of being let down derived from a person or situation. It’s common that people take things that happened to them in their past and bring into their business and even personal affairs. Did you know that most people who have been let down frequently, grow to be frustrated, impatient, and emotional when clients or friends aren’t on time or they don’t fulfill their promises? You’ve got to stop taking things to heart that have no business there. Communicate with people more effectively so that you can feel fewer disappointments and start feeling more accomplished just for trying. Optimism goes a long way.

4. You’re Way Too Comfortable Where You Are!

  • You’ve grown accustomed to your business being run the same way.

  • After failing so many times with your new ideas, you’ve developed a fear when it comes to trying out anything fresh when it comes to your brand.

  • You ignore the advice that people give you about your business.

You’re not that scared of being successful are you? If you’re in the business of entrepreneurship, you’ve got to know that taking risks is part of it all. There is no in between when you’re running your own business. To stay in one spot is prohibiting you from you advancing in your life. Let’s change that!

5. The Shoe Just Fits!

  • You relate to 3 or more points in this article.

  • You’re taking this article way too personal.

  • You’re ready to fix it!

Your thoughts have been provoked. Now you’re really asking yourself, “Am I underrated?” And if you have to ask yourself that, then maybe you are. But it’s not too late to change that. It’s time your business gets the attention it deserves. And you’ve got to know that you do DESERVE TO WIN! There are no more excuses as to why you can’t succeed in your business. I suggest that starting today, you look at where you want your business to go. Understand that having people support you is awesome, but you are ultimately the only thing stopping your achievements. Be authentic, patient, discerning, and most of all be fearless. Because if you believe you can, you will.

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