How Living An Assertive Life Means Believing In Something Greater: For The Unassertive Entrepreneur

Are you confident about your business? What about your lifestyle? I’ve found that most unassertive entrepreneurs are usually very passive and submissive. They express their business and how it may help, but are too soft-spoken to be heard.

A successful entrepreneur once told me that there is always a price for leadership. One of which is standing up for something that means more than just themselves.

But along with being assertive in your business, you have to be assertive in your beliefs. They go hand in hand; both needing the other. So as well as being confident in the success of your business, you also have to believe that your beliefs in your source (God, Allah, The Universe, Buddha, etc.) is as strong as your confidence.

The way this is done is by simply believing the universe has it under control. I won’t say it’s peachy. Solely believing that something you can’t see is managing and working everything out, but it’s true. And in order for you to see it work, you’ve got to give the universe a chance!

So often do we start on our path to success without even realizing that what we believe is detrimental to our overall achievements. You have to be willing to receive that what you want is just a fraction of what you can obtain.

Assertiveness in your business is telling everyone, including the universe, that your business will work! You are saying that you are a confident business man or woman that is assertive because you believe that YOU CAN! As long as you solely believe in your dream and your higher power are at work, the universe will reward you with everything you need and want in order for you to achieve it.


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