Building A Worthy Tribe

A tribe isn’t just a group of fans that follow, tweet, like, or share your stuff on social media. A tribe is more like your second family. They congratulate you on your success. They encourage you when you are looking for a reason for not giving up. And they see your vision even when it’s not clear to you sometimes. Your tribe is your support system. I think of my tribe as a sisterhood. We all empower and uplift one another. And in doing so, we (notice that I didn’t say “I”) are advancing in our businesses and lives. And that is the goal. To complement each other by being there for one another.

The truth is everyone wants a tribe. So here are some things to ask yourself while considering what kind of tribe you want.

  • What is your vision for yourself and others in your tribe? This is the most essential ingredient to building your community.

  • Does your tribe have a shared purpose? Find out what you are working towards as a unit.

  • What does your tribe identify as? Create a name for your tribe.

  • How will your tribe engage with one another? Facebook groups, monthly meetings, etc. are great for having a controlled space to monitor and interact with your tribe members.

  • What will you and your tribe do to make your mark? You can start a blog, host community events, or even create a product.

While you are answering these questions, consider the 1/3 Rule by Andy Paige.

  • 1/3 will dislike you.

  • 1/3 will be indifferent towards you.

  • 1/3 will love you.

That 1/3 of people that will love you ARE your people! But while deciphering which 1/3 of people they are remember, “like attracts like.” Look and scout for others that carry a positive light about themselves. People that want to make a difference and bring out the good, warm, and fuzzy stuff that will influence other people to ask, “Where do I sign up?”

My motto is “Whatever you put inside yourself is what you get back from the universe.” Consider this while you’re building and connecting with others. Though your network is your net worth, that means nothing if the people you are connecting with don’t share the same purpose or vision that you desire to acquire. Create and build your tribe on positive vibes and I promise that you will always have an understanding and supportive community behind you. I would tell you that there’s more to building a tribe than what I have provided you so far, but there really isn’t. Over thinking it is probably where your delay on launching your tribe lays.

It should be as simple as starting a book club or going to church. The only thing you have to critically think about is what’s in the questions to ask yourself. Everything else you add to making your tribe grander, will come as you grow your community. Things like jargon you may use with your tribe and positions that you designate will come as you grow as well. Building your tribe can be serious, but don’t forget to add joy to your tribes’ experience too!


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