Chic Afri Fashion For The Chic With An African Tweak

For two weeks, I danced around my mailbox, impatiently waiting to receive a package from Chic Afri Fashion, an online boutique born out of passion for African print fabrics, that's specifically designed for The Chic with an African Tweak!

As soon as it arrived, I rushed inside my house to try on the ensemble that I chose from their collection to review. The first thing I noticed was how rich the colors were and how the quality of fabric felt against my skin. As I spun around in the mirror, striking dramatic poses for the upcoming photoshoot with the clothes, I felt so unique and rare. I literally had to stop and ask myself- where has this version of me been hiding!

The delivery I received from Chic Afri Fashion included 3 pieces:

I automatically fell in love with the brand when I put on the clothes, but was curious to see how it held up on a day out at Mary Alice Beach.

I'm not too big on showing a ton of skin, so I was really shocked at how comfortable I was wearing a crop top. The waist on the skirt is elastic, so I didn't feel constrained or as if it was too tight to breathe. While the crop top fell right on the line of the skirt, giving it a "Peek-a-Boo" look I could appreciate, the hat compliments the entire look with the African print trimming the edges.

The freedom I felt wearing it goes hand in hand with it's comfort. The midi skirt was also designed with deep pockets on each side. This I LOVED! I was able to fit my phone, lip gloss, and wallet in my skirt as I walked the beach pier.

If you're a woman who is inspired by African culture and prints, but looking for a more modern-day contemporary look, Chic Afri Fashion has mastered it! From the fabric they use to produce quality looks and designs, to the pricing being affordable and accessible. The brand is a gold mine and speaks directly the chick who wants to own her own "look".


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