Dear Entrepreneur, It’s Much More Important To Stand For Something

When your business starts making it’s mark, you’ll notice that you will start getting offers and input coming from everyone. These offers and ideas may help your brand tremendously, but they may also take something from it in the process. Before making any irrational decisions, think about your non-negotiables.

Your non-negotiables are values your business has built itself on that cannot be bought, sold, exchanged, or transferred. It’s where you draw the line and say, “No Deal!” As persuasive and useful the offer may be, remembering your non-negotiables helps making the choice a lot easier. Brainstorm with these questions before conforming.

  1. Why did you create your business? Remember your story.

  2. What are your business’ core values? In what order do you value the small and large things that define your business?

  3. Who are you working for? This could be your clients and/or family. Find value in the issues that your business solves.

  4. What will you leave behind? What is your legacy? Think about what you aspire to be and what you want people to see in you. How is your business going to change anything? Ask yourself what actions do you have to take to be remembered.

Your non-negotiables are your way of standing up for your brand. It’s your Declaration of Independence so to say. When you declare what will fly or not fly in your business, you are saying that whatever is being dished to you is not enough or just isn’t going to happen. Be assertive. It’s your business and no one else is going to advocate for it better than you.


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