Mind Your Business, Drink Your Water, Buhter Up!

This summer, I had the privilege of using a product that everyone in my house has fell in love with called Buhter Up! The products are all natural [just how I like them ;)] and smell AHHHMAZIIING! I had the honor of reviewing their Hair Juice, Body Gloss, and Body Lotion and OMG my body is like a glow machine! Let's start with my top favorite of the 3!

Buhter Up Hair Juice - $12

Y'all see that moisture! The Buhter Up Hair Juice is my favorite of the 3 products so far for various reasons, but let's start with the obvious. My hair hasn't been this juicy in a while!

Before I started using the Hair Juice, I always had serious dandruff issues if I allowed my hair to grow out. I could never tell if it was because I used to much oily products or too less. My hair wasn't balanced, so a haircut every 2 weeks was absolutely necessary. These pics were taken only 2 weeks after using the product, and you can visually see how healthy my popular fade has grown out! And guess what? No more dandruff! It has been an entire month now since I've walked into a barbershop, but I haven't even cared much to go. My hair is more moisturized, less itchy, and the juicy smell is intoxicating! It's like Starbursts for hair!

Purchase Your Bottle of Juicyness HERE!

Buhter Up Shea Butter Body Lotion - $16

If you suffer from eczema, breakouts, or just tough skin in general, the Buhter Up Shea Butter Body Lotion is perfect for you! I've suffered from eczema ever since I was a kid, but this lotion has literally changed the texture and softness of my skin.

It's super moisturizing! Like, 'you need nothing but this product' kind of moisturizing! It's not heavy though, so it doesn't feel like it's clogging your pores. With the heatwave the world has been experiencing over the summer, the last thing anyone wants to do is feel sweaty. This product was weightless.

Buhter Up's Shea Butter Body Lotion comes in 4 different scents: Unscented, Cactus Water, Fresh, and Water. I was asked to review the Fresh scent and have been in aroma heaven since!

Claim Your Own Dose of Shea Butter Heaven HERE!

Buhter Up Body Gloss - $10

The melanin in my skin has been popping as of late! Although, the body lotion alone does a great job at keeping my skin smooth, the Buhter Up Body Gloss has an entirely different purpose. I've been using the body gloss right after I get out of the shower and following up with the lotion.

It feels thick when you spray it in your hands, but goes on super smooth. It's almost like a serum for your body. You can actually see the shine happening as you rub it in! Just like serum, it gives your skin a supple and satin feel. And just like the other products in the Buhter Up line, the smell was like a breath of fresh air! The Body Gloss comes in even more scents than the lotion: Unscented, Cactus Water, Cherry Dream, Juniper, Lavender Blue, Splash', Sweet Orange, and Water. The Water scent I received, paired awesomely with the lotion and wasn't overpowering.

Truthfully, I couldn't keep these products to myself! My entire household have been losing their minds over Buhter Up's products! My fiance goes to work everyday before 6am so he has the honor of being the first person every morning to shower and get dressed. He was having major issues finding a lotion that kept his skin moisturized and soft. Keri and Vaseline lotion was way too heavy, but Buhter Up's product line has been God sent! Next time I have this product sent to me, I'll most likely have my fiance purchase his own.

Visit their website www.BuhterUp.com to shop all their natural products!

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