May Affirmations

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Affirmations is the action or process of affirming something or being affirmed. It is an assertive declaration or statement of proclaiming a positive outcome over your life.

Here's how you can properly ingest the affirmations below:

  1. Believe in them before you say them,

  2. Envision them while you say them.

  3. Do the work in order to manifest them.

Every month, I'll be sharing my weekly morning affirmations to keep my tribe and newbies encouraged! Please spend time reading these affirmations FIRST in order for you to believe, see, and do them effectively. I've been using affirmations for a long time, so I can easily remember all 30 I've listed below, but you may not. And that's okay, babes ;)

Write them out or save this link in your phone, tablet, or on your browser so that when you wake you can read them aloud.


Take a deep breath, get centered, and connect yourself to the affirmations below.

Transform Me.

I direct my future.

I am meant to be here.

My life is right on schedule.

I am destined to evolve.

I have the ability to chose what life I want.

Show Me Where I'm headed.

My inner-self knows exactly what to do.

I have blessed clarity.

I always follow the inspired direction.

I create my own good ideas and I follow where they lead.

I prosper in every direction I turn.

Keep Me Uplifted + Inspired.

My intuition guides me on wondrous experiences.

I accept my inner voice and acknowledge it.

My inner-resources are knowledgable and powerful tools.

I act on inspirational impulses.

I listen to my inner-voice all the time.

Release My Blessings.

I am grateful for all of my blessings.

I receive new mercies everyday.

I know that what's to come is only arriving because my grace.

My life is full of favor and wisdom.

I always receive exactly what I ask for and for that I am forever appreciative.

Let Me Be Intentional.

I am naturally joyful and positive.

I bring positive energy to unfortunate situations.

I achieve my goals.

I am purposeful intentionally.

My intentions are only fueled by love.

Bind Me To My Fruitful Path.

I was born with abundance.

I am wealthy.

I attract success because I am successful.

I have a fruitful mindset.

My mind, body, and soul is open and receptive to new blessings.

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