Reframe, Refocus, & Reopen Your Narrative

With so many new and crazy things happening in our world, it's easy for us to forget how to embrace the one person who needs the most attention; self. Naturally, when someone has been hurt more than once, they tend to start closing up to others around them. It is a common defense that you have the right to feel. But do you have the ability to reopen?

You have not endured these experiences to dwell in them, but to advance, learn from them and reframe your outlooks in a way that helps you to still serve in your purpose. The universe has a way in assisting you towards reshaping and healing your now so that you can lead a stronger future. That's only if you are open to whatever comes next.

Your relationships with others will always be tested, but that's what relationships consist of. You're going to have to tweak things. People grow and outlooks change. Just like yours has.

Accept it or reframe it.

There has never been a better time to refocus on your goals and let your worries go. Especially if they cannot be fixed and are hindering you from becoming your truest self. Give your worries to the universe so you can refocus on the path in front of you.

In order for you to be open to whatever comes next in your life, your main objective should always be to believe in your own power to withstand anything. We've all been through a lot. Some of us more than others. But you have not come this far to fail. Hop back in the game and change your narrative.

You are the author of your own life.

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