Secret Shoppa' Series: Sugar Stoned ATL

I've been following Sugar Stoned ATL [@sugarstonedatl] on Instagram since they launched in November of 2018. At the time, I was attracted to the idea of purchasing a hand pipe. They carried a range of different options, all beaitiful. The branding was Dope AF and watching the promo video they posted on their IG really reeled me in. See for yourself.

Their play on colorful graphics, unicorns, and strange clouds looked like a lifestyle I fit in with. I wanted to be part of the Femme Canna Club. So I subscribed to their email list and put shopping at Sugar Stoned ATL on my wishlist.

It's 2020...

2 years since I put Sugar Stoned ATL on my wishlist, but Quarantine gave me a chance to get creative. Out of fun and boredom, I decided to shop undercover at some black owned businesses this month. Hence, The Secret Shoppa' was born!

I went to my browser and typed in and BOOM! It was LIT! I purchased a beautiful Purple Disco Hand Pipe and a super iced-out, hot pink Rhinestone Stick Lighter. I checked out my cart and waited for my deliveries which said would take 1-3 days. Doooooppppeeee!

3 Days later...

I received a perfect square box on my doorstep sealed with Sugar Stoned branded tape. I was ready to see what was inside! I put on my 'Secret Shoppa' hat, opened the box, and was totally caught off guard when I saw this:

A personal note from Sugar Stoned! Had my cover been blown? Extras!?!?! Now I was even more excited! This is how they stole my heart...

Purple Disco Hand Pipe

Oh-My-Gawsh! Can you say GAWJESS! The pipe I had before was a lot smaller, so I was ready to upgrade to something a little more heavy duty. This pipe fits perfectly in my hand and spoke directly to my funky, cute, and weird personality. Love it!

Rhinestone Stick Lighter

Remember the lighter? Yeah! Well apparently it comes with a cute card case!

Sugar Stoned ATL HOOKED ME UP! How adorable and sexy these two are together! To make things even sweeter, the lighter can easily be refilled with fluid when it runs low!

That's Not All...

On top of giving me a luxurious card case, they sent 2 packs of High Hemp Organic CBD Wraps and a container to hold all of my strange clouds in. ;)

At this point, I was 100% sure my Secret Shoppa' mission was blown. But that's okay! They still will have no idea that they were secretly shopped until they read this article. HA! So who saw who?

They really outdid themselves and I'm extremely grateful! Thank you Sugar Stoned ATL! As if the products I purchased wasn't enough, EXTRAS TOO!

Would I shop at Sugar Stoned ATL again?

Hellz yeah! I'm on the site right now!

Would I recommend Sugar Stoned ATL?

First thing I did was brag to my homegirls.

What do I rate my overall shopping experience?

An EASY 10, Sis!

Follow Sugar Stoned ATL on Instagram @sugarstonedatl.

Visit their website to shop their crystal, glass, & stone collections

Whose online business will I secretly shop next? [In good faith that I don't get caught again...]

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