The Power of Thought Explained

Sometimes it’s simply about mindset. It’s so easy to forget about ourselves and who we are when there are Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, & SnapChat timelines in our faces constantly. You tell yourself that you’re scrolling through these timelines to “catch up,” but ultimately you start to compare yourself to others.

Ever catch yourself saying “Why is it that so and so has this? I want that too.” Or “How come everyone’s liking that? I should post something like that too.” That is you comparing what you bring to the table to what someone else is doing.

The Power of Thought is something serious.

The Power of Thought is the creative power you have that you can strengthen and use to make changes in your life.

For example: There’s a glass of water. It’s completely full of clear, fresh, and cool water. This glass represents you. Then there’s an idea. Let’s say this idea is Facebook (no shade). Now I want you to imagine Facebook bottled up as blue food coloring.

You’re with me, right? Good.

So one day, you decide to give Facebook a chance. Facebook positions itself over your glass and adds one drop of itself into your water. The water is barely blue. As you indulge in Facebook’s pretty, “barely blue” color, you like things; love things; frown at things; laugh at things; and feel sad at things. Why?

Because Facebook is an idea full of millions of ideas!

Stay with me.

So now you’ve consumed a good amount of that blue food coloring. You can’t really see it now, but your water in your glass is now about 60% blue. As you sit with what you felt, seen, and realized while surfing Facebook your mind goes from the big idea to the many ideas you engaged in while you surfed. This is the part that’s tricky.

Now you have all these ideas from this one idea (Facebook) clouding up your glass; If the ideas are leading you in a more positive direction, your glass begins to filter itself. Going through the wild and the crazy thoughts, while cleansing the worst ones from your water.

(Looking good babe ;)

BUT if your mindset is not preset to positive, your water will become darker than the deepest parts of the ocean. You’ll begin to have ideas like “My water is not good enough” or “I wish my water was pink instead of blue.” This is when understanding the power of thought is detrimental.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Moral of it all, focus on your own *ish. If you’re constantly worried about other things, people, places and all the in between but your mindset isn’t ready, you’re opening the door to things that could contaminate your “glass of clear, fresh, and cool water.”

A Few Things To Take With You:

* What you put inside of yourself is what you get back.

* You control your own thoughts.

* Comparing yourself to your peers undermines your own progress.

* You have the creative power to make changes in your life!

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