#WeNeedAnswers: Football Moms Sleepover Turns Into Murder of My Neighbor & Black Mom #TamlaHorsford

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

When I first heard the news surrounding Tamla St. Jour-Horsford's death, it was through one of our neighbors. Tamla was a friend to many of us in the neighborhood especially because she was tremendously involved in our subdivision community and the schools in the area. Her 5 sons and daughter at the time ranged between 4-14 years of age so it was highly likely you'd see her at the school volunteering, giving back, and just being a helping hand all year-round. This story hits close to home because one of her sons share a classroom with my kid.

Questions around her death came naturally. I remember asking some neighbors about what happened and them saying alcohol poisoning, another saying she fell down a flight of stairs and broke her neck, and then sudden death. After about 2 weeks, the rumors disappeared and with no news of any foul play or discrimination, everyone sort of assumed that it was in fact just sudden death.

That changed this week when an article shared to my inbox published by Sandra Rose on SandraRose.com told a story that has since left me and many other black women in my neighborhood concerned and cautious.

"Unanswered questions surround the mysterious death of a Black mother-of-5 who was found beaten to death after attending a "football moms" sleepover with 7 white women and 3 men at a home in Forsyth County, GA. Tamla Horsford, 40, of Cumming, GA, was found face down in a yard after she attended a football moms sleepover on November 4. Horsford was severely beaten about the head and face. Her body was discovered in the yard by the homeowner's aunt at 7:30 a.m. Someone in the home called 911 to report Horsford's death at 9:30 a.m. - 2 hours after her body was found."
- Sandra Rose, SandraRose.com

It doesn't stop there. Apparently one of the men in attendance was a Former Pre-trial Officer by the name of Jose Barrera. Barrera was recently terminated from his position as a pre-trial officer for the Forsyth County Courts after he accessed the personal information of 5 people from his work terminal. It was brought to light when a Cumming, GA woman filed a complaint about Barrera accessing and disseminating her personal informations to others.

It was later determined that Barrera was not actually accessing the woman's information, but instead he was found looking into Tamla Horsford's murder case (in which he is a witness) and a seperate case involving a stalker complaint that's somehow connected to his girlfriend.

AND GET THIS: The home that hosted the sleepover where Tamla's body was found, belongs to a relative of Barrera's current girlfriend!

Court Administrator, Robin S. Rooks sent Barrera a letter on December 20, 2018 informing him of his termination. The cause being "loss of confidence" in his ability to perform his duties as a pre-trial services officer. But still, no charges were filed against Barrera.

The Sheriff’s Office Spokesman, Major Joe Perkins said that "It didn't violate the law, but it did violate trust with us." But I can't help but feel like this explanation is total BS!

There are many questions I have but here are a few for starters:

  1. Why hasn't Jose Barrera been charged as a suspect in Tamla Horsford's murder?

  2. Why did it take 10 people 2 hours after they found her body to call the police?

  3. Who killed Tamla Horsford?

  4. Why does it seem as if Forsyth County, GA is trying to quietly sweep this under the rug?

Her mysterious death has triggered many emotions from black mothers in our community. Most of the parents in our subdivision, black and white, know each other well. Our kids have played with each other since they were in diapers, go to the same Dojo, and attend the same events so the environment is very tight knit.

But with new updates regarding Tamla Horsford's case, (whether Barrera is responsible or not), it still leaves 7 white women and 2 white men to also consider may be the killer. In my mind and many other black mom's minds here in the subdivision, we could very well be in the presence of Tamla's killer and not even know it.

Forsyth County has really took their time covering this up. By doing a Google search of Tamla Horsford you'll mostly find obituaries. No articles that can explain her death or bring peace to Tamla's 5 sons, husband, and Stepdaughter at home that are coping with her death everyday. They need answers.

Writing and publishing this article may be putting myself in the line of fire, but Tamla Horsford was a black woman that has a name, #TAMLAHORSFORD, and it's quite disturbing that media outlets are not talking about it.

"Tamla, lovingly known as “Tam” and “Tammy”, was a 40-year-old wife, mother of 5 boys ranging in ages 4-14 and a stepdaughter. She was a kind and true friend to many and was heavily involved in her community. Tamla was full of life and love and on 11/4/18 that life was taken from her. She had been attending a sleepover birthday party with  several women along with a few men and was found the next day deceased. Investigation into her death is still open with the police department however the family has been given conflicting information into the official cause of death. Her family seeks answers and they want to know what happened to her that night. Please join us and support us in our fight to seek justice for Tamla."
- Sharon St. Jour-Davidson, Tamla Horsford's cousin,The Justice for Tamla Horsford GoFundMe Page.


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With your help, Tamla's family may be one step closer to solving Tamla St. Jour-Horsford's murder case. #JusticeForTam #JusticeForTamlaHorsford #TamlaHorsford

So far, these are the only articles pertaining her death. If you decide to share this post on your blog, please add more links to this list. Including this one. Thank you!

Sandra Rose: http://sandrarose.com/2019/02/mystery-surrounds-black-mother-of-5-murdered-at-adult-sleepover-in-forsyth-county/

Mike Petchenik-WSB-TV: https://www.facebook.com/mike.petchenikwsb/videos/795821857446187/

Forsyth News: https://www.forsythnews.com/local/crime-courts/court-officer-terminated-allegedly-leaking-confidential-information/?fbclid=IwAR0G3h6M594TcVPJl2VCw7q3DIG3lRkJZ8owey8B-M1uJlOJEuTQvH3j3I0

India Rochelle: https://www.hellodopeness.com/post/weneedanswers-football-moms-sleepover-turns-into-murder-of-my-neighbor-black-mom-tamlahorsford

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