When's The Last Time You Checked Your INNER-G?

If you're a mom, business woman, or someone that's constantly in motion, it's so easy to forget yourself in doing everything else. Checking your INNER-G [energy] every now and then helps you weed out the b.s. and stay on top of things.

Did you know that your energy is reflective of your mindset? No matter how you feel on the outside, your mind is still the greatest tool that you own. So protecting it is detrimental to how you cope with everyday stresses. The problem is, we often don't ask ourselves the right questions or give the right answers when we think about what these stresses are or how to relieve them.

So I've developed a way for you to check your INNER-G as many times as you like without ever wondering if you missed something or wasn't thorough enough. With each letter in INNER-G, I ask you to ask yourself a few questions that help you change your mindset and the way you feel about life happening around you. Ready? Let's begin with the first letter.

I: Issues

  • What issues stand in your way?

  • Can they be fixed today?

If not, release that energy into the universe and let it stay there.

N: Negatives

  • What or whom do you feel is bringing a negative energy into your space?

Remove any Negative Nancy's or entities from your circle.

N: Notions

  • What are your notions about where you're going?

  • Are they hopeful or optimistic?

  • If not, how can you change your path into one you can believe in again?

E: Enlightenment

  • How do you attain higher knowledge?

  • Do you read?

  • Pray or attend church?

  • Take courses?

If not, you can start by spending time with yourself to understand what you want out of life and researching how to get there. [There's a book for everything!]

R: Resolve

  • Any unresolved problems in your business and/or personal life?

  • Can you move past them?

Figure out a way to mend any broken ties by either moving pass them or resolving them in a civil matter.

G: Gangsta

  • What does your confidence in yourself look like right now?

  • Are you sky-walking or do you sense a limp in your step?

Whatever fears are holding you back, write them down and release them.

Checking your INNER-G as needed helps relieve stress and put things in a healthy and positive perspective. When you allow your energy to lead you, you tap into a more evolved intelligence that gives you an alternative way of thinking. Try it sometime! Be sure to tell me how it works for you in the comments!

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