"dope. nerdy. ambitious." invites you on India Rochelle's personal quest on the road to discovering her purpose, building a digital empire, and embracing her authentic self. She illustrates her keys to unlocking personal freedom beautifully while revealing details of her journey along the way that tug at your heart.

Goals and ambitions are things you've done due to following your innate ability to believe in something greater, see yourself doing the things you love, and doing the work that proves you deserve it. And there's no one in this world that can say the journey is easy.

It's those times, right when you think everything is peachy, something happens and you feel like you're back to square one. But it is at that point you should feel your strongest. You should believe in yourself, your brand, and your path designed for you (and only you) to believe, see, and do more than anything else!

No one will see your dream through better than your faith and willingness to procure your own future. Your life should never depend on "if." It depends on "when" you say it and believe it. At that point you have claimed it. And India will teach you how!

Bestselling Author, India Rochelle, lights up every page with her inspirational, humorous, heart-pulling, and witty story of success as a black millennial female entrepreneur with a splash of dopeness.

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